Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bali - Tirtagganga - May 2007

Tirtagganga is a very small village in inland east Bali, near Amlapura. It’s surrounded by rice-terraces and has a water palace, where you can swim in a pool with lovely, cool, fresh water. I really like it there and stayed for three weeks. Quite a few tourists come for day tours to the water palace but not many people stay overnight there, so it’s a very quiet place.


I stayed at Dhangin Taman inn which is right next to the water palace and has a lovely picnic bench that overlooks the palace. The rooms themselves are small and a bit grungy, but the place is quiet and the mattress was pretty good. It cost 40,000 per night or 36,000 if you stayed a week or more.

There are other places to stay on the slopes of the rice-terraces and they are nicer but a bit more expensive.


I ate at the Good Karma restaurant (which also has accommodation for around 90,000, lovely big rooms in the middle of the rice-fields). The food was great – very well cooked and fresh. They did the best tempe curry I had in Bali!

Another beautiful place to eat is the Japanese restaurant, Roshi, which is a few hundred metres along the road from the village of Tirtagganga. The view from the restaurant is spectacular.


There is a guy who in Tirtagganga who does a wonderful Balinese massage. He doesn’t have a shop-front but just comes around the accommodation in Tirtagganga asking if people want a massage. It is a very invigorating massage; he really knows what he’s doing. It costs around 80,000.

This photo is of Balinese children attending a Hindu ceremony at the water palace.

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