Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bali - Nusa Lembongan - June 2007

Nusa Lemgonan was a lovely surprise – such a gorgeous place so close to South Bali with no hawkers, no touristy shops -  just accommodation, surfers and a lot of seaweed! The photo above was taken from a hill-top, looking over Nusa Lembongan over to the Bali mainland. If you’re after a fairly quiet place to hang out for a few days, then Nusa Lembongan might fit the bill. It has fantastic views over East Bali and lovely sunsets.

It’s nice to get a motorbike for the day (I rented one for 30,000) and go around the island to a few different beaches.

Getting there:

Ferries go from Nusa; the public ferry is cheapest (40,000) and leaves the earliest (8am, I think!), then there is a Perama boat leaving later which is more expensive (don’t know how much), and, in the afternoon a speedboat which costs around 100,000 rupiah and takes 30 mins (the other boats take 1.5 hours).

The only problem with the public ferry vs Perama is that Perama docks close to the budget accommodation whereas the public ferry docks in the town and it’s a little bit more of a walk (maybe around 400-500 metres?) to the accommodation.

Here is a photo of typical Nusa Lembongan shacks/houses along the beach - with smelly seaweed drying in the sun...


There is a Thai restaurant which is connected to one of the backpacker places (you’ll see the sign, or ask around). It’s just in someone’s front room and is a really casual place that gives humungous servings of fairly authentic Thai food for 25,000. Good place to meet other people – but all the backpacker places seemed pretty friendly and chilled.

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